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Treadmill F10

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Professional Treadmill for Perfect ResultsTrain effectively thanks to elaborate technology

Our workout equipment stand out through reliable and innovative technology, supporting you all the way through your cardio training. Stable engines with five-layered running surfaces ensure top training results, whether you're jogging or walking. Our treadmills provide multimedia functions and can be used interactively. Our first-entry model in a few words: sturdy, compact and practical. Our treadmill and its particularly high-quality running surface will easily convince you: unbeatable price-performance ratio.

  • Compatible with mobile app
  • Perfect for beginners
  • With heart-rate belt: perfect for HRC training

Motivation through entertainment

Use the full scope of smart technology: control your treadmill via your smartphone or tablet, and get your personal fitness coach with the iFitshow application.

Ultra-silent engine

Thanks to a high-quality structure and the use of 100% copper, the engine's lifespan is increased and the noise development held at a minimum.

Running surface

The Sportstech F10's multi-layered running surface offers optimal conditions for a joint-friendly training on your treadmill.

Easy-Fold system

The innovative folding system works with hydraulic bolts and allows the running surface to be easily and quickly clipped up and stowed away in one movement. Get your space and comfort back after every training, until next one.

Self-lubricating system

Through regular training, the treadmill is being heavily demanded. That’s why it should always be lubricated enough, which also improves your running capabilities. With the automatic lubricating system, you don't have to take care of this annoying task anymore. The days when you had to dismantle the whole machine to maintain it, are over.

heart-rate belt compatible

Measure you heart-rate with precision and on the long run. Our electrical treadmill provides an optimized and adjusted training. The heart-rate belt allows our hometrainer/fitness equipment to give you accurate heart-rate measurement throughout your entire training.

Extra-large side surfaces

For your own safety, you shouldn't be standing on the running surface when you start or finish your training on our F10 treadmill. In order to avoid injuries, we have equipped the F10 with very large and stable side surfaces on which you can stand.

Technical specifications